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AI can revolutionize dentistry

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Writing for Forbes, Kiltesh Patel, the founder and CEO of tab32, a cloud-based technology platform for the dental industry, says artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to deliver game-changing improvements in dental care, “boosting efficiency, driving growth for dental practices and bringing world-class treatment to a larger population that currently has limited access to oral care.” But he says new AI innovations depend upon data, and currently, although dentists create plenty of data, they are doing so in ways that vary widely from practice to practice. “Data is often formatted inconsistently, with information systems in place that work for a single practice but make it all but impossible for records to be shared with another provider . . . Data is physically hard to access, too.” The author says a robust cloud-based infrastructure is necessary to enable data to be shared freely and effectively, and dental data needs to be standardized to create an interoperable system so that data can be shared, used and acted upon. Meanwhile, Ophir Tanz, the founder and CEO of dental AI company Pearl, writes for Forbes about how dentistry is well-positioned to make use of AI's abilities, noting that studies have illustrated the accuracy of AI in dental analysis to reliably recognize a wide range of dental conditions. It can help improve dental care by making sure no common issues are missed or misdiagnosed, he writes.


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