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The burden of dentist burnout

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The American Dental Association's 2021 Dentist Health and Well-Being Survey, which was sent in March last year to a random selection of 20,000 dentists, found 16% had experienced anxiety — more than three times the percentage reported in 2003 — and 13% had experienced depression. Fewer than half of dentists were aware of a state dentist well-being program available through their dental association. “New dentists face pressures from multiple directions to produce income as associates, provide excellent care, pay off student loans, build a family or spend time with friends, volunteer and more. For new dentists, it might feel like they are wearing that 150-pound backpack and being pulled in multiple directions,” Dr. Erinne Kennedy, D.M.D., said. Common signs of burnout include emotional and physical exhaustion, cynicism, negativity, frustration, anger, anxiety, detachment, reduced work performance, insomnia, muscle aches and gastrointestinal upset.

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